Since the inception of Computer Number Control (CNC) tools, the manufacturing industry has experienced a tremendous increase in productivity due to its abilities to cut, carve and drill all kinds of materials with precision and speed.

This past December, we started using a ShopBot CNC router to cut Lexan for our safety guarding panels, cut sheet metal for our chutes, guards, and shrouds, and to engrave logos and signs for our machinery. The ShopBot is a top-of-the-line CNC router, which provides better fit and finish, better quality and precision and allows us to reduce hours to build.

So What Makes A ShopBot CNC Router So Advanced?

A ShopBot is comparable to a plotter, in that it moves pens around the surface on an X and Y axes. However, a ShopBot also moves up and down along the Z axes, allowing it to make 3D movements. This allows for the ShopBot CNC router to create virtually any pattern or shape with precision in a small amount of time.

In the manufacturing industry, product changes come fast and furious. Therefore, you must have the ability to quickly adapt production to changing needs of customers and adjust accordingly to shifting priorities. Robotic capabilities need to be integrated into the cellular approach, meaning it must be adaptable, flexible and somewhat mobile.

A ShopBot CNC router can be affordably distributed to multiple production operations where it can easily be adjusted to fit each task at hand. This saves time and money for our company as well as our clients. In fact, ShopBot is proven to provide high-level performance and cut quality of tools that are 5 to 10 times as expensive.

It’s easy to see why we have started using the ShopBot CNC router as part of our manufacturing process. At Flexible Automation, we always strive to improve our production process in order to save ourselves, as well as our client’s, time and money, and the ShopBot allows us to do so.  Through the process, it has also given us the ability to customize our solutions even more with custom branding elements that our clients have fallen in love with.