Self-Retaining Expansion Nut Automation

SRENs (also known as mid-panel nuts and push nuts) can be installed on instrument panel sub-frames using either our hand-held SREN Setter or our machine mounted SREN Setter.  Both models are compatible with the nuts made by ITW CIP, Tinnerman, EFC International, and others.

  • SREN Setter HX

    The SREN Setter HX is a pneumatic hand-tool that uses a 25-piece magazine to cost effectively install self-retaining expansion nuts. The device is available is several sizes. Read More

  • SREN Setter MX

    The SREN Setter MX is a machine or robot mounted device that uses a blow feed system to move SRENs from a vibratory bowl to the Setter head. The device is available in several sizes. Read More