Screwdriver Assembly & Laser Marking Machine

This machine was designed to laser engrave a screwdriver with a user’s initials and align a driver bit into the hex socket of the screwdriver. The process begins once a user enters their initials into the machine.The screwdriver transfers from a pallet by a Yamaha Cartesian robot and placed on a MagneMotion MagneMover LITE linear synchronous motor based conveyor. From there, a newly released Epson N series robot positions the screwdriver in a Keyence laser marking unit which engraves the screwdriver. Next, the Epson positions the screwdriver over a camera to identify the position of the hex socket. Downstream, a Fanuc M-1 delta robot uses vision guidance to obtain driver bits from a Flexomation flex feeder. The robots then collaborate to align the driver bit into the hex socket on the screwdriver, which is then returned to the user.