Conveyor Based Systems

Flexible Automation has integrated numerous types of conveyor systems over the last 30 years.  When utilizing power & free conveyors, you will have the flexibility needed for unsynchronized assembly processes, multiple product codes, and retooling for future use.  We have integrated all of the popular brands including Bosch-Rexnord, FlexLink, mkTechnology Group, and Quickdraw.


Flat-top Chain Conveyor System

An industrial smoke detector is assembled using a flat-top plastic chain conveyor system with 3-up pallets. The system includes robots, vision systems, automated soldering, vibratory bowl feeders, reel feeders, an automated screw driver, and automated test equipment.

Over / Under Edge Belt Conveyor System

In this example, an automotive door handle is assembled on a space-saving over/under style edge belt conveyor. The system includes SCARA and six-axis robots, vision systems, vibratory feeders, blow-feed equipment, and grease dispense equipment.

Automated Clutch Pack Assembly Machine

FAI’s Clutch Pack Machine uses a linear assembly process, featuring a servo gantry unit with multiple pneumatic slides to assemble the Clutch Packs. Mid-point and post-assembly measurements verify the thickness of the Clutch Packs using load-cells and LVDTs. Part magazines on either side of the machine allow for uninterrupted production.