Robotic Fastening Automation Solutions

robotic fastening automation solutions

Premier Turn-key System Integrator of Fastening Automation

Insert / Snap-On Fastener Applications

Robotic insertion and setting of captive type fasteners on trim panels, instrument panels (IP), front and rear bumper beams, front-end modules, white-good appliance enclosures, sunroofs, heat shields, and under-body panels, etc.

  • Fastener Types
    • Mid-Panel Nuts aka Push-Nuts and Expansion Nuts
    • U-Nut and other Edge Clips
    • Christmas Tree Clips
    • Hole Shield Clips
    • Hose & Wire Management Clips
    • Retaining Clips (pop-tops for disassembly)
    • Push-Nuts (washer style)
    • Blind / Pop Rivets
    • Cold Headed/Cold Formed Head Type Rivets
    • Special fasteners by ARaymond Tinnerman and ITW CIP
  • Equipment Solutions
    • Mid-Clip Setter RHS and RLP robot EOAT by Flexible Automation, Inc.
    • Mid-Clip Setter HHP and HLP semi-automatic hand tools by Flexible Automation, Inc.
    • Mid-Clip Setter robot EOAT by Flexible Automation, Inc.
    • Heated Insert Setter robot EOAT by Flexible Automation, Inc.
    • Radial Array robot EOAT by Flexible Automation, Inc.
    • Avdel Avimat by Stanley
    • FireRex by Gesipa
    • AU100 by FAR
    • Robo-rivet by ARM
    • EDE series by Stoger (Stoeger)
    • Robotic EOAT by FAR
    • Pedestal Rivet Equipment by Chicago Rivet & Machine Company
    • Vibratory feeders and custom robotic end-of-arm tools

Self-Piercing Fastener Applications

Robotically join product components such as under-body panels, white-good appliance enclosures, heat-shields and insulation material.

  • Fastener Types
    • Self Piercing Rivets
    • Staples
  • Equipment Solutions
    • Henrob robotic C-frame by Atlas Copco
    • RIVSET by Bollhoff
    • Avdel Portariv by Stanley Engineered Fastening
    • Autotec by BeA

Spindle-Driven Fasteners

Robotic integration of screwdrivers, nut-runners, and special spindle-driven tools for the assembly of heat shields, enclosures, aero-panels, white-good appliances, actuators, motors, infotainment modules, sensors, etc.

  • Fastener Types
    • Assembly Screws, Metric and Inch
    • Assembly Nuts, Metric and Inch
    • Rivnuts (spin-pull blind-rivet nut)
    • Rivstud (spin-pull blind-rivet stud)
    • Flow-Drilling Screws
    • Thermal Adhesive Bond Screws
    • All brands of torque & angle feedback spindles
  • Equipment Solutions
    • QST, PST, and ETX by Atlas Copco
    • RIVKLE by Bollhoff
    • RSF, SBM, SEB, SEK, SEM, SER, SEV, and TSS by Weber
    • MINIMAT and DFS by Deprag
    • Stanley Engineered Fastening
    • LS and SD series by Dixon
    • VNPD, VPD, and VPM series by Visumatic
    • DTI 1000 by Design Tool Inc X-Mod 3.0 by Carlson Engineering
    • SS series by Assembly Automation Inc
    • Platen Assemblies by Design Tool Inc.

Thermal Pad and Gap Pads

Robotic placement of die-cut pads for control of vibration and heat for LED lighting, panels, control modules (ECU), displays, wireless devices, sensors, etc.

  • Pad Types
    • Ceramic & silicone polymer
    • Silicone-free
    • Closed cell foam
    • Gel
    • Open-cell foam
  • Equipment Solutions
    • Robot EOAT vacuum tools in conjunction with sheet-feeders and reel-feeders
    • Pedestal mounted placement and wet-out heads in conjunction with robotic product handling grippers

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