About Us

We understand that the ability to have your equipment operate at peak performance around the clock is of the utmost importance to continued success in the manufacturing business. From solving hardware or software problems to helping identify and correct bottlenecks in your production workflow, our service team is dedicated to persevering through any challenge that is put in front of them.


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Field Service

Flexible Automation's field service engineers and technicians are highly skilled at resolving the most stubborn communication problems across numerous types of protocols, different types of physical layers and devices along with various types of software. Our technicians are skilled at quickly identifying and fixing the sources of problems that range from wiring, failed field devices and sensors, physical position alignment, failed I/O modules and even the conflicts that can occur between hardware and firmware.


Process Optimization

Everyone in the manufacturing business understands that time is money and maximizing the efficiency of the manufacturing process is of the utmost importance. However, it is sometimes hard to see the larger picture while dealing with day-to-day tasks. Our engineers are able to bring a fresh perspective to your operations in order to diagnose production bottlenecks and provide solutions that will yield greater productivity and, in turn, save money.





Finding and repairing the cause of a problematic assembly system can be a difficult task. During our 35 years of building and servicing assembly systems, we have developed an expertise at troubleshooting automation connectivity and communication. Our highly skilled service engineers and technicians are experts at diagnosing and resolving the most stubborn communication problems across numerous types of protocols and devices.



Our controls programmers are cross-trained on several robot languages, PLC programs, and vision systems such as Allen Bradley, Cognex, Epson, Fanuc, National Instruments, and Siemens. We specialize in servicing sophisticated equipment for small component assembly and product testing. We are one of the oldest robot and vision system integrators in the country and we have certified LabVIEW developers on staff. The more complex and high tech your product process is, the more value we will provide.


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