Flexible Automation, Inc. designs, builds, and installs material handling solutions for raw goods and products. Our solutions include case packing, palletizing, wrapping, dunnage handling, and machine tending. Our robotic systems support logistics and optimize the supply chain, by automating dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs. Our material handling systems will save you time and money while ensuring quality.

Flexible Automation Inc. Material Handling Examples

Vision-Guided Robotic Packaging System

How do our visual-guided robotic packaging system work?

  1. A Cognex vision system inspects the item for correct color, dimension, and graphics.
  2. A second Cognex vision system relays positional coordinates to two Adept Quatro robots for sorting onto an adjacent conveyor.
  3. An Adept SCARA robot uses a vacuum tool to obtain item sets and packs them into shipping boxes. An attendant loads and unloads these boxes using a rotary dial table.

Machine Tending Robot Cells

Flexible Automation, Inc. provides high-value, cost-saving robot cells that produce products with limited staff. Our machine tending and gauging robot cell automated the loading and unloading of a machining center for a family of steel components.

The automated system handled 10 product diameters, each produced in various lengths, for a total of 90 part-numbers. Parts were automatically gauged with a laser micrometer after the machining process to ensure product quality.

Flexible Automation proposed a robotic machine tending cell based upon a large six-axis robot, three end-of-arm tools, a laser micrometer, and a reject cart. A roller conveyor was used to transfer totes full of product into and out of the production cell.

Custom Floor Mounted Systems

Our custom floor-mounted systems use robots to transfer parts to and from different machining centers. The Fanuc robot’s four grippers can simultaneously unload two parts and quickly re-load them. This cuts down on cycle time and increases throughput.

CNC Tender

Our CNC Tender takes machine shop production to the next level. This robot cell reliably adds consistent throughput to your constrained resource. Our customers have confidence in their equipment and peace of mind because we are always just a phone call away.

Trunnion Carts

Our heavy-duty carts are constructed of welded steel-tube frames and are powder-coat painted in any color required. The cart features a cordless power-tool hex input attached to a gearbox to safely rotate the holding fixture over a full 180 degrees.

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