Haptic Testing

The definition of haptic is “relating to or based on the sense of touch”.  Industrial automation can be used to perform haptic testing on many devices that humans touch such as automotive interior controls, medical devices, consumer electronics, and so on.  With over 30 years of integration experience, Flexible Automation is well positioned to produce your next haptic testing system. We excel at integrating force sensors with controlled motion.  Certified National Instruments LabVIEW developers are on staff full-time to automate your next product testing project.

Climate Control Module Function Testing

This system is one of several we have built to test the function of an automotive climate control module. A SCARA robot equipped with force sensors is used to turn knobs, dials, and push buttons. All the while, the graphic display is being analyzed by a vision system and the electrical output signals are monitored. Please see the Climate Control Module Function Testing Page for more information.

Door Handle Function Testing

Flexible Automation has built dozens of custom assembly machines for both interior and exterior automotive door handle assemblies. Almost all of them include haptic testing in the form of testing the door handle function after assembly to confirm that it met the performance criteria. Please see the Door Handle Function Testing Page for more information.