Material Dispense Systems

Flexible Automation has produced many custom material dispense systems in the past 30 years.  We integrate all of the major brands such as Dymax, Loctite, Nordson EFD, and Sealant Equipment.  Whether your product requires adhesive, primer, a foam-in-place gasket, silicone, hot-melt, or a UV curable material, Flexible Automation has the experience to automate your process.


Automotive Glass Primer Dispense

Two Fanuc robots work in tandem to apply a primer around the profile of automotive glass panels. The glass panels exit the work-cell on a conveyor oven.

Foam Gasket Dispense

Two Fanuc M6iBrobots work in tandem to apply a foam-in-place gasket on an animal food bin lid. This system handles two sizes of product, flame-etches the plastic prior to the gasket application on both the top and bottom, and stores the lids in cooling racks prior to being discharged on a conveyor.

Rear Slider Glass Component Dispense Cell

This material dispense system utilizes a FANUC Lrmate, six axis robot to apply primer on a component used on an automotive truck rear slider window assembly.