Rotary Dial Machines

Flexible Automation has produced hundreds of custom automation cells based upon rotary dial indexers in the past 30 years.  A rotary dial table is a very cost effective and compact way of moving product through an automated production process. We integrate all of the major indexer brands including Camco-Ferguson, Sankyo, and Weiss.  If you are in need of a low-cost and high-speed automation solution, you should consider Flexible Automation’s services.


Cam-Driven Synchronized Pick & Place Indexers

In this example, a Weiss Pic-O-Mat indexer is at the heart of a high-speed automotive electrical connector assembly machine. The system can handle two codes of product. It includes vision inspection, laser marking, and vibratory feeders. Please see the Automotive Rotary Dial page for more information.

8 Station Dial Table

This rotary dial table based machine assembles precision industrial hose fittings. Key components include a SCARA robot, 6-axis force sensor, laser gauging, and vibratory feeders. Please see the 8 Station Rotary Dial Machine page for more information.