Vision Guidance

Flexible Automation has been integrating vision systems for production automation for over twenty years. We are one of the earliest integrators of Cognex brand equipment and we often use integrated vision systems direct from our robotic partners.  Vision systems are used to identify part orientation, verify finish quality, and measure dimensions of products as they are being assembled.  Whether your application requires infrared, UV, line-scan, concentric lenses, macro focus, back-lighting, or OCR, you can be confident that Flexible Automation has the experienced needed to ensure success.


Vision Guided Part Feeding

Vision systems can be used to guide a robot to obtain a randomly orientated part so that it can be brought into an assembly system. Parts can be fed on flexible feeders that are designed to accommodate many versions of similar parts.

Vision Inspection and Guided Pack-Out

Vision systems can be used to perform final inspection of product prior to packing. Applications can include profile matching, dimension confirmation, component verification, color identification, OCR, and in some cases finish quality.