Robotic Fastening Automation Solutions

Flexible Automation has been building robotic systems for over 35 years.  We have extensive knowledge in a wide array of industries. We have worked with a wide range of machines serving a variety of application types. Our systems have been designed to allow for semi-custom solutions while ensuring the integrity of the entire system. This gives the ability to adapt it to fit your needs from size to brand and everything in between.

Premier Turn-key System Integrator of Fastening Automation

Fastener Applications & Solutions

Insert / Snap-On Fastener Applications

Robotic insertion and setting of captive type fasteners on trim panels, instrument panels (IP), front and rear bumper beams, front-end modules, white-good appliance enclosures, sunroofs, heat shields, and under-body panels, etc.

  • Fastener Types
    • Christmas Tree Clips
    • Hole Shield Clips
    • Hose & Wire Management Clips
    • Retaining Clips (pop-tops for disassembly)
    • Expansion Nuts, aka Self Retaining Expansion Nuts
    • Push-Nuts (washer style)
    • U-Nuts
    • Blind / Pop Rivets
    • Cold Headed/Cold Formed Head Type Rivets
    • Special fasteners by ARaymond Tinnerman and ITW CIP
  • Equipment Solutions
    • SREN MX (robot end-of-arm tool) by Flexible Automation, Inc.
    • SREN HX operator-guided gun by Flexible Automation, Inc.
    • Avdel Avimat by Stanley
    • FireRex by Gesipa
    • AU100 by FAR
    • Robo-rivet by ARM
    • EDE series by Stoger (Stoeger)
    • Robotic EOAT by FAR
    • Pedestal Rivet Equipment by Chicago Rivet & Machine Company
    • Vibratory feeders and custom robotic end-of-arm tools

Self-Piercing Fastener Applications

Robotically join product components such as under-body panels, white-good appliance enclosures, heat-shields and insulation material.

  • Fastener Types
    • Self Piercing Rivets
    • Staples
  • Equipment Solutions
    • Henrob robotic C-frame by Atlas Copco
    • RIVSET by Bollhoff
    • Avdel Portariv by Stanley Engineered Fastening
    • Autotec by BeA

Spindle-Driven Fasteners

Robotic integration of screwdrivers, nut-runners, and special spindle-driven tools for the assembly of heat shields, enclosures, aero-panels, white-good appliances, actuators, motors, infotainment modules, sensors, etc.

  • Fastener Types
    • Assembly Screws, Metric and Inch
    • Assembly Nuts, Metric and Inch
    • Rivnuts (spin-pull blind-rivet nut)
    • Rivstud (spin-pull blind-rivet stud)
    • Flow-Drilling Screws
    • Thermal Adhesive Bond Screws
  • Equipment Solutions
    • QST, PST, and ETX by Atlas Copco
    • RIVKLE by Bollhoff
    • RSF, SBM, SEB, SEK, SEM, SER, SEV, and TSS by Weber
    • MINIMAT and DFS by Deprag
    • Stanley Engineered Fastening
    • LS and SD series by Dixon
    • VNPD, VPD, and VPM series by Visumatic
    • DTI 1000 by Design Tool Inc X-Mod 3.0 by Carlson Engineering
    • SS series by Assembly Automation Inc
    • Platen Assemblies by Design Tool Inc.

Thermal Pad and Gap Pads

Robotic placement of die-cut pads for control of vibration and heat for LED lighting, panels, control modules (ECU), displays, wireless devices, sensors, etc.

  • Pad Types
    • Ceramic & silicone polymer
    • Silicone-free
    • Closed cell foam
    • Gel
    • Open-cell foam
  • Equipment Solutions
    • Robot EOAT vacuum tools in conjunction with sheet-feeders and reel-feeders
    • Pedestal mounted placement and wet-out heads in conjunction with robotic product handling grippers

Some Of Our Robotic Fastening System Work

SREN Setter HX

SREN Setter MX