Efficient and reliable primer application on automotive glass.

This material dispense system utilizes two Fanuc M-10iA/6L six-axis robots to apply primer on both sides of right-hand and left-hand automotive glass panels.  The glass panels are hand loaded into racks on a two-station rotary dial table.  The first robot obtains a panel from the rack, acquires precise position via a datum fixture and then articulates the glass under the felt-pad dispense tip.  The dispense equipment consists of a positive displacement pump and precision valve made by Sealant Equipment.  Once one side of the glass is complete, the robot places it in a hand-off fixture.  From there, the second robot repeats the process under a second dispense head for the opposite side of the glass panel.  Once complete, the robot places the glass onto an out-bound conveyor oven where the primer is cured.