Machining, fabrication, and assembly remain under total control at our facility. The machine shop is equipped with dozens of CNC mills, several lathes, grinders and various saws.  This equipment, and our staff of 12 machinists allows us to produce 90% of our custom components in-house and with full quality control.  The balance of custom components requires low-volume specialty machines and is procured from local machine shops. Fabrication and assembly is handled entirely in-house with our staff of seasoned machine builders, welders, and painters.  We have all of the equipment necessary to produce heavy duty machine bases, safety guarding, chutes, duct work, and more.

“We have been dealing with Flexible Automation for several years and they do a great job building machines and their support team is wonderful.  They always are right there to help when we call them.  I look forward to working with them on more projects in the future.  They are an A+ company in my book.”

-Vice President of Tooling and Production, Recreational Products Manufacturer