Power & Free Conveyor – Perfect for Complex Assembly

An industrial smoke detector is assembled on a flat-top plastic chain power & free conveyor.  Each pallet on the conveyor supports three assemblies, which are assembled simultaneously. Five Epson robots are used during the assembly process. The first is a SCARA which is used to place panels into the conveyor pallet and install electrical components. A vision system is used at this station to ensure quality components. The second SCARA places various reel-fed components onto the circuit board. The third SCARA uses an mta brand soldering head to secure the components to the PCB. The fourth robot is an Epson cartesian or X/Y/Z robot. It is used to install the cover and secure them with an automated screw driver. The fifth robot is a six-axis robot mounted upside down. It is used to load the completed products into various test cells and then place them on an outbound conveyor.