Exercise Your Product to Make Sure It’s Right

This pair of machines assembles and tests a left-hand and right-hand interior automotive door handle. The machines are essentially a mirror image of each other with only slight differences in tooling. A six station Sankyo rotary dial index table is at the heart of the system.  Primary components are hand loaded at station one.  At station two the handle spring is cocked and greased while a Denso six-axis robot obtains the handle and maneuvers the pivot points beneath a grease dispense tip.  At station three the robot maneuvers the handle into the housing while a pivot pin is blow fed and pressed into place.  Station four uses sensors to confirm that all components are in place. The handle is then exercised two times. A force sensor captures data to ensure that the handle is functioning properly.  At station five, the completed assembly is moved from the dial table and onto an outgoing conveyor.  If the assembly failed any inspections, it will be diverted into a reject bin.