Rapid Leak Testing of a Sealed Membrane

This machine was designed to assemble and test a medical filter component with a cycle time of two seconds per piece.  A  Camco cam-driven indexer is used to drive a 16 station rotary dial table with fixtures that secure both the top and bottom halves of the product.  These halves are automatically loaded onto the machine by vibratory bowl feeders and a Yamaha 250mm SCARA robot.  Two, servo driven reel feeders and die-cut devices are used to supply the filter media and vent membrane.  A Dukane ultrasonic welder and a thermal press are used to secure the internal media.  Once the product halves are aligned together, a second ultrasonic welder is used to permanently weld the assembly together.  A Cognex vision system inspects the welds prior to a Cincinnati Sentinel C-20 leak tester performing the final integrity check.  Completed parts are unloaded and sorted by a second Yamaha SCARA robot. An Automation Direct PLC and HMI is used for system control, while a rack mount industrial PC with Visual Basic  is used for data collection and traceability.  Stainless steel components are used extensively throughout the system as it is designed to operate within a clean room environment.