Flexible Automation's Service Team is utilizing the EWON Cosy industrial remote access gateway to securely provide remote support to your machines. This device takes only a few hours to install and will allow for fast remote response to minimize downtime.


  • Quickly recover from machine failures
  • Increase profitability through increased Overall Equipment
  • Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Lower the cost of maintenance and downtime
  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Free-up your schedule to do what you do best
  • Process monitoring and control code optimization
  • Convenient PLC and HMI updates

IT departments around the world approve the security and ease of use of the system.

  • Firewall friendly (outbound VPN)
  • Uses Encrypted Open VPN either TCP(443) or UPD(1194). Same ports used in online banking
  • Reaches only devices you need and segregates them from the rest of the factory network
  • All EWONs can be configured to have an external key switch or HMI button to enable access

Full ROI after reducing 16 hours of service time!

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