Flexible Automation, Inc. (FAI) designs and builds industrial carts to move products and tooling fixtures. Our heavy-duty carts are constructed of welded steel-tube frames and are powder-coat painted in any color required. Leveling casters, toe guards, and debris skirts are common options on our carts.

Below is an example of a trunnion cart we produced for a customer who manufactures large enclosures. The cart features a cordless power-tool hex input attached to a gearbox to safely rotate the holding fixture over a full 180 degrees. A battery-powered drive-wheel package was integrated on the cart to allow for ergonomic transfer and positioning on the factory floor. The customer also had Flexible provide the main spanner beam, which was designed as a kit to directly bolt to their existing lift assist.

Our carts are ideally suited for manufacturing in the aerospace industry, automotive markets, furniture, and appliance manufacturing. Simply put, we cater to any manufacturer that requires a safe and reliable way to move a large and heavy item and enable the operator to expose all 4-sides of the product in a quick and ergonomically friendly way.

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