Robotic Work Cells

Flexible Automation integrates robots into many different types of automation systems for many different processes.  Often, a robot is part of a Conveyor Based System, or a Rotary Dial Machine.  However, robotic work cells like the floor-mounted modular system or the self-contained base examples below are frequently utilized.

Robotic Deburring Cells

A Fanuc six-axis robot is used to manipulate aerospace components across
deburring tooling. Please see the Robotic Deburring page for more information.

Machine Center Tending

A Fanuc six-axis robot is used to transfer automotive parts to and from three different machine centers. Please see the Machine Tending page for more information.

Laser Marking Machine

This state-of-the-art machine laser engraves and assembles screwdrivers. Please see the Laser Marking Machine page for more information.