Dedicated Machines

Our Advanced Automatic IR Welder is made to ensure extreme accuracy as well as process flexibility.

Robotic Work Cells

We integrate robots into many different types of automation systems for many different processes.

Vision Guidance

Flexible Automation has been integrating vision systems for production automation for over twenty years.

Haptic Testing

We excel at integrating force sensors with controlled motion.

Rotary Dial Machines

A rotary dial table is a very cost effective and compact way of moving product through an automated production process.

Conveyer Based Systems

You will have the flexibility needed for unsynchronized assembly processes, multiple codes, and retooling for future use.

Leak and Pressure Testing

Pressure, vacuum, decay or flow testing? We have the experience to automate your process.

Self-Retaining Expansion Nut Automation

Our models are compatible with the nuts made by ITW CIP, Tinnerman, EFC International, and others.

Material Dispense Systems

Flexible Automation has produced many custom material dispense systems in the past 30 years.

Lean Cells

Lean cells are often a good choice for high-mix/low-volume manufacturers.