A Sample of Flexible Automation Systems

Each machine is custom built, but the designs draw upon 30 years of custom machine building experience.  At this point in our history, it is rare to find a process we haven’t automated before.  Below are a few examples of each of our most common machine types.

  • Robotic Work Cells

    We integrate robots for assembly, product testing, dispensing, flex-feeders, material handling, and material removal. Flexible Automation is an authorized integrator for Adept, Denso, Epson, Fanuc, Intelligent Actuator, and several other brands. Read More

  • Vision Guidance

    Flexible Automation integrates popular vision systems by Cognex, Keyence, and Omron. Robot guidance is often facilitated by embedded software from the robot companies we regularly integrate. We have extensive experience linking common vision systems, application specific cameras, and vehicle cameras to data analysis and collection systems such as National Instruments, LabVIEW, and Visual Basic. Read More

  • Haptic Testing

    These machines often use a robot that is integrated with multi-axis force sensors to function-test human interfaces such as HVAC control modules and consumer electronics. Performance verification data can be analyzed by LabVIEW, captured in a database, or broadcasted to your factory production software system. Read More

  • Rotary Dial Machines

    Cam-driven or servo-driven dial tables are often the chassis of choice for your assembly or testing needs. Our creative base designs allow easy access to part fixtures, presses, label applicators, vibratory bowl feeders, ultra-sonic welders, dispense valves, ultra-violet and infrared curing equipment. Read More

  • Conveyor Based Systems

    Flexible Automation has experience with all types and configurations of conveyors to ensure your next project will be a success. RFID tags are often used in conjunction with a database to ensure traceability of critical product data. Read More

  • Leak Testing

    Our assembly and test machines for molded or cast components often utilize leak and pressure testers to check for short-shots or improper assembly Read More

  • Self-Retaining Expansion Nut Installation

    Self-retaining expansion nuts (also known as mid-panel nuts and push nuts) can be installed with semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment from Flexible Automation. The wedge shaped insert nuts are commonly used on instrument panel sub-frames. Read More

  • Dispensing

    FAI has produced many custom dispense machines and dispense stations within assembly machines. Whether your product requires a foam gasket, hot-melt glue, UV adhesive, silicone, or any other fluid, we have the experience to dispense and cure the material reliably. Read More

  • Lean Cells

    If your lean cell project requires advanced inspection, data collection, analysis, and traceability, then you should contact Flexible Automation. Please take a look at a few of our past lean cell projects.
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